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Toejam Doug Fairall
Two words: Steam Sales Otherwise I try to budget either a new AAA title every 2 months or so, or an indie-type game or major sale a month, if needed.
Toejam Doug Fairall
I'd agree on all of these points, Lance, and add in that I want to see the actors category get featured time. Maybe they can have a little less 'entertainment' (like the cupcake bit) and more of the awards part.
Toejam Doug Fairall
Vito Gesualdi said:
"The more people gaming, the better."

Better how? The games are better? More people are happy? More money is made? I dont know why us being...
I believe the thought is that when 'regular folk' sit down for a bit of Angry Birds and such, there is the possibility that they will want to take it to the next level and seek out something more 'traditional' in gaming.

Also, I hate that these comments can't go further in nesting to reply to different points here, so I'll try to respond to a few.

Zynga, for example, will thrive and innovate in its genre and platform. If the money went elsewhere that would be head-scratching indeed. It does not directly benefit what we term 'regular gaming' as far as I can see. I don't see how an emerging market for a niche that wasn't tapped before can be drawing focus away from an already huge market segment, unless I'm missing something completely.
Toejam Doug Fairall
Psyched about Simcity!
Toejam Doug Fairall
Taken125 said:
Space Engine is currently filling that void for me. So much universe.
It's crazy how big it is. Just throw on some Mogwai and fall into a trance...
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