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Default-user Hey Lou
I wonder if Fizziology could collect data for the amount of idiot gamers there are on social media
Default-user Hey Lou
Activision manages to make even the most boring of trailers seem interesting. The ending was freaking awesome with him putting on that mask
Default-user Hey Lou
RabbidRabbit said:
Maybe they should do it the same way Halo did? The whole ranking thing.
Maybe they shouldn't. Halo and CoD have more of a arcade feel to them which makes it fun for esports. Battlefield is a slower paced, larger scale game which makes it not as exciting as a sport. Leave it alone!
Default-user Hey Lou
Thomas Adams said:
"memory limitations of the 32-bit versions of Windows" Well... just like everyone else, I have been using 64bit windows, since... forever. The only...
If you look at current gen consoles and PC, it's amazing how BAD the console versions of games look. The same will be true of next-gen consoles. Sure the PS4 may start off better, but give it some time and games will look dated again. It's too hard to keep up with PC
Default-user Hey Lou
Wow, this is an insanely great deal. $4.99 for both games!? Might as well make em free
Default-user Hey Lou
I mean, they are a perfect fit
Default-user Hey Lou
Two of my favorite things in one hour <3
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