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Default-user Jeremiah85
MassDeffect said:
I suspect this author is a paid shill for game studios to spew propaganda. Listen up then, the customer is always right.
Being a business owner, I want to shoot whoever came up with that line "the customer is always right" because that's a load of BS. Customers are not always right, judgments/wants vs needs/seeing the facts are all clouded by emotions. Emotions always override facts. "Because I feel this way, it should happen this way..." I think the Vulcans had it right when it comes to using logic over emotion...
Default-user Jeremiah85
Sounds like human nature to me. Being that Mass Effect had a pretty shocking ending that did leave a sour taste in most fans mouths, it's understandable that they already have a preconceived idea that they are going to get screwed again before any details. But I agree with you whole heartily, you can't pass judgement on something that you have no information on. Talking with other die hard Mass Effect fans, we would love to see that (even though it's not Shepard) maybe a pre-Mass Effect concerning either the Rachni Wars or the Talarian Contact War. We just need to wait and see and hold off to pass judgement.
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