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XB1: $499 PS4: $399 XB1: Kinect2 (mandatory) PS4: PSEye2 (Optional) XB1: Requires internet (at least once) PS4: No internet required XB1: 8GB DDR3 (5GB available for games) PS4: 8GB GDDR5 (7GB available for games) XB1: GPU Weaker PS4: GPU Stronger XB1: Long term support questionable PS4: Long term support guaranteed XB1: Fewer AAA 1st party games PS4: Plenty of AAA 1st party support (come on, you know this is a given) XB1: Anti Indie policies PS4: Great Indie relations XB1: Big, black and uninteresting design (with external power brick) PS4: Medium sized, black and damned sexy (with internal power brick) XB1: 500GB HDD locked in PS4: 500GB HDD changeable XB1: LIVE (nothing new) PS4: PS+ (40+ PS3 games/30+ Vita games/12 PS4 games/Auto updates/Cloud saves/Discounts/Early access to betas. I also don't trust Microsoft enough to think they won't reintroduce those anti consumer policies at some point later on when they have a decent install base.
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