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Penguin Mauricio Salazar
Just subscribed for a year i must say i'm really impressed with this Kudos to EA for not fucking up for once.
Penguin Mauricio Salazar
Already got it, played it for about 30 minutes and almost peed myself like 4 times.
Penguin Mauricio Salazar
OnlyaGiantGreatAx said:
Yeah Samsung has this too.
yeah a $300 watch not a $49 wristband.
Penguin Mauricio Salazar
October 1st here i come.
Penguin Mauricio Salazar
StarLeafTree said:
....So you need another game for the physical copy AND it costs more!? Who thought of that?
'' AND I QUOTE '' The physical retail version does carry a heftier price tag at $29.99, but you won't need a copy of New Super Mario Bros.
Penguin Mauricio Salazar
After 2 years of being in the market they decided to add a screenshot feature ? Smooth move Nintendo......PSYCH.
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