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Default-user MidSchism
ehhh I could just buy it on the PS4
Default-user MidSchism
HeartRocki said:
They know where the money is at. More people have those consoles than the new ones.
Yeah they have to appeal to the broadest market in order to continue making the most money.
Default-user MidSchism
Wanderlust said:
Wow, not surprised. Not even in the slightest! They deserve to be together as contenders
All of these companies are terrible.
Default-user MidSchism
Achey said:
Comcast...ATT...AETNA. Tough run for EA this year but they might make the top of the list afterall.
Fuck Comcast!
Default-user MidSchism
Curiously said:
Default-user MidSchism
it's got to feel great to be an indie dev and have your game coming to the newest consoles
Default-user MidSchism
Nink said:
Why hasn't the Wii U got any DLC since Black Ops 2? I don't have a Wii U but this seems extremely unfair.
Block - that's the worst way of going about it!
Default-user MidSchism
Daggy Waggy said:
Well I hope that means I won't be dropped from connecting to servers.
Well it's bringing stability so...
Default-user MidSchism
You know what? I'm glad I owned one. It wasn't a bad console.
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