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Default-user Pooshaft
What a shit! I wanted to play him!
Default-user Pooshaft
Rez said:
No, I will not play a card game on the PC
Would you play it on the PS4?
Default-user Pooshaft
eviololo said:
A season pass for a 3DS game?? Are you kidding me??
Yeah kinda silly or shitty.
Default-user Pooshaft
Corgie said:
Been stickin' with GTA Online, it's a lot of fun. Some people cheat and shit but it's worth it.
Poophead, this is true.
Default-user Pooshaft
I'm interested in this game but it could be so terrible.
Default-user Pooshaft
Some aspect of this reminded me on L4D. The gameplay certainly looks interesting
Default-user Pooshaft
BringMeCake said:
There should be a big team mode for people who like big games there should also be bigger maps for a game like that. If CoD were to cater to people...
^ Looks like a guy that played Halo. Don't bring your Halo fanaticism to CoD. We don't want it or you.
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