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Default-user Robert Carrion
The system is new, most people have bought Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U and maybe Zombi U more then any other game so far. They also hurt themselves by not having the Nuketown 2025 or Nuketown Zombies available as DLC like the other versions. Making the Wii U version seem inferior as far as content. What they should do is very quickly as soon as Nintendo allows DLC, Offer Nuketown 2025 for free, Offer Nuketown Zombies for a small price or free with the Elite Pass. If they really want to bulk up Black Ops 2 on the Wii U and make it seem like a better version. Take those Nintendo DS exclusive zombie maps and remaster them for Black Ops 2 in HD. Thus giving the Wii U more content albeit late. But I think lobbys will improve as the system sells more. How can the Wii U compete with the monster that is Xbox Live or PSN. They can't...not yet, not for awhile. But it'll improve.
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