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Default-user Robert Timsah
FROM NETFLIX: "We are currently experiencing issues streaming on Sony PlayStation devices; however, other devices may still work. We are working to resolve the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience". I tried everything on my end, the PS3 just won't connect to the Netflix servers for some reason. :( I have to watch Glee on my laptop LOL.
Default-user Robert Timsah
Kombat said:
Getting an error, can't log on
I get a different error and on PS3. Hmm.
Default-user Robert Timsah
i am on ps3, been getting error when logging into netflix on the ps3 all day. still, here at 10pm CST it's doing it. Can't seem to connect to netflix server, but can sign in to playstation network fine and the check shows the internet is working fine. It's ONLY from my router to Netflix and only within the PS3. On my laptop it works fine. About to reset my internet settings on ps3 to see if that helps. About the last idea I have other than waiting it out.
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