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This was a wonderful article -- and I agreed with every single word of it. While I was playing, I was thinking of many ending scenarios, some of them in line with what you were thinking of, and the usual tragic endings. I didn't - couldn't - expect a happy ending of Joel and Ellie finding the cure and going their merry ways together, not with tone of the entire game being so dark, but I expected Ellie or Joe to die either for the cure or for each other. I expected tragic but saccharin endings of them finding the cure, only to have Joel become infected at the last minute. I was even imagining some overly dramatic epilogues of a grown-up Ellie in the cured world, holding onto Joel's broken watch in remembrance. I'd wager that sort of ending would have been a lot more popular and gone over better with some fans who are not happy with the ending, who didn't "get it," even if it would've been tragic. What we got was something different, but more true to the characters and the story. I'm amazed that ND had the guts to stick to this ending, because it would've been easier to go with more typical, and therefore less, endings, but they didn't. Thanks for this article. Reading some random throwaway comments by some gamers who didn't "like" the ending, I appreciate a piece like this all the more.
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