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David Birney said:
I do love my PS4, but I sure wish Sony could add features to it like Microsoft is. I want DLNA support.
Totally agree. I want to see DLNA support so bad.
Default-user White Whale
agencree said:
Wow they didn't need this but I'm pre-ordering!
Already have pre-ordered...
Default-user White Whale
This game has me. Has me so haaaaard
Default-user White Whale
They say 'soon' then it's like the next day. IDK how they do things without release dates.
Default-user White Whale
Lol but what if you preorder their white ps4? how do you play the beta then?
Default-user White Whale
In the article you cite they average out each game to be $68 which puts it around retail cost. There are probably collectibles in there's not really ridiculous is it?
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