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Kinect Sesame Street TV for Xbox 360

Kinect Sesame Street TV invites children into an interactive TV experience where they not only watch their favorite Sesame Street episodes, but also engage with beloved characters including Big Bird, Grover, Oscar, Elmo and more.

Kinect Sesame Street TV


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Kinect Sesame Street TV is a new 2-way TV experience. Children will help Sesame Street characters with tasks, play in their world and learn together. Using content from actual episodes of the 42nd season of Sesame Street, Kinect Sesame Street TV brings to life enriching activities — from jumping like a from with Elmo to learning letters with Cookie Monster to counting with Grover — and visual and physical interactions between your child and their favorite Sesame characters. With new content created exclusively for Kinect and access to thousands of classic clips from the Sesame Street archive, learning has never been so much fun.