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E3 2014: A closer look at the Roccat Sova


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to check out the Alienware Alpha console, Alienware's Windows 8.1-based console designed around Valve's Steam Big Picture mode. Next door was Roccat's Sova, a new peripheral aiming to "control the couch." What does that mean exactly?

We were intrigued too, so we spoke to Roccat CEO René Korte in hopes of learning more about this awesome, new peripheral. Lightweight and wireless, the Sova ditches the numpad and arrows -- keys that are rarely used in games nowadays -- and instead replaces them with a sturdy mousepad for a mouse. Essentially, this provides gamers with a way to use mouse and keyboard when playing Steam games with the Alienware Alpha console, so they aren't forced to use a controller.

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