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Default-user DaGrey
Spencer is doing his best with what he inherited.
Default-user DaGrey
Surprise. The PS4 only has indie games.
Default-user DaGrey
commented on Mad Max quietly delayed to 2015 in reply to Enona
Enona said:
Oh fucking great. Here we go again. Next round of games to be delayed has begun.
Downgate 2015.
Default-user DaGrey
Cannot wait for this. Not one bit.
Default-user DaGrey
cribz said:
Bundling it is a good idea but the game honestly doesn't look that good. I think it would've been good for the PS3's generation but not the PS4's....
Yeah I saw some side by side from launch and now. What happened??
Default-user DaGrey
Wow that's a huge chunk of people...
Default-user DaGrey
I hope the Silent Boys' ( I think that's what they're called) heads come to Team Fortress!
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