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Default-user KO
It doesn't take away from the game though. So it's not as pristine or crisp...doesn't matter amazing game.
Default-user KO
Ok, ok. I'll say it, holy shit Tony Hawk looks old.
Default-user KO
Lolwut said:
Hope they are right again! Be nice to see some new stuff.
Like story stuff and not multiplayer. I never play online. I just want new campaign stuff.
Default-user KO
I forgot they were working on this, I bet it's going to be really funny. Gearbox knows how to make some good jokes.
Default-user KO
Malooka said:
So they are real inv's and not fake ones? I hope I get one!!
Hope you have an xbox one cause thats what the codes are for.
Default-user KO
Well it's CES I don't think it's related to gaming?
Default-user KO
So stoked for this game!
Default-user KO
Resourcetap said:
So their fix caused another issue?
Isn't that how most fixes work?
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