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Phil W. Blackwell said:
Like my wife always says, you have to separate the artist from the art. That's usually hard for me to do. I was reading Ender's Game earlier this...
I'm glad you watched it. I actually didn't know a ton about Phil Fish until Indie Game The Movie. My wife isn't into video games but she loves psychology. And she said the same thing you did about Phil. Anxiety. I just started playing Fez on the PS4, and I love it. But it's kind of destroyed him.
Avatar Lance Liebl
FFata11y said:
Honest Question: Did you get money or free copies of the game or other forms of payment for writing this?
GameZone paid her. If you're asking if she has received free copies of the game or money from EA, then the answer is no. But if you don't trust this to be her opinion without EA paying her, then you probably don't believe my answer.
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