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Default-user Taco
ektoplazm said:
Because we love them. That's why. Who doesn't love them?
Default-user Taco
This game really does look like a lot of fun...
Default-user Taco
Conan is really funny sometimes. Other times he's not so funny. But hell, when he is funny...He's REALLY fun.
Default-user Taco
Enabler said:
Well, why the hell would Jblack be in a Dead Island trailer??
Cause he has nothing else going for him?
Default-user Taco
Carbonic said:
The 24th of next year?
Yeah duh
Default-user Taco
Yeah I'd totally get in on this (if i didn't have a Vita or PS3)
Default-user Taco
This is just some guy building them isnt it? Not really LEGO?
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