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Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

  • Xbox 360
  • Achievement / Trophy
Advent of the Goddess (secret) Finished Day 7. 15
Antediluvian Slumber (secret) Finished Day 3. 15
Bloody Rage Reached the maximum karma multiplier during Bloody Rage. 10
Bumpy Ride (secret) Finished Day 2. 10
Cooperation (secret) Finished Day 2 - Ayane. 10
Crystal Skull Cleared all Tests of Valor. 50
Dark Savior Saved an ally. 10
Dual Sword Master Defeated 1,000 enemies with Dual Swords. 15
Eclipse Scythe Master Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Eclipse Scythe. 15
Falcon Dive Successfully mastered the Falcon Dive technique. 5
Falcon's Talons Master Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Falcon's Talons. 15
Feat of a Hundred Slashes Achieved a 100-hit combo. 20
Flying Bird Flip Successfully mastered the Flying Bird Flip technique. 5
Fuma Kodachi Master Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Fuma Kodachi. 15
Golden Scarab Obtained all Golden Scarabs. 30
Hayabusa Style Grand Master (secret) Reached Level 50. 15
Heavenly Dragon Master Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Heavenly Dragon. 15
I Got Your Back Completed a Co-op Ninja Trial. 10
Initiate (secret) Cleared 10 Acolyte Trials. 10
Initiation Played a Clan Battle. 5
Izuna Drop Successfully mastered the Izuna Drop technique. 5
Katana Master Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Katana. 15
Kunai Climb Successfully mastered the Kunai Climb technique. 5
Kunoichi Cleared all chapters with Ayane, Momiji, and Kasumi. 30
Kusari-gama Master Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Kusari-gama. 15
Lone Ninja (secret) Cleared 10 Solo Trials. 30
Lunar Staff Master Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Lunar Staff. 15
Master Ninja (secret) Cleared the game on Master Ninja difficulty. 75
Mentor (secret) Cleared the game on Hard difficulty. 50
Ninpo Master Successfully mastered a Ninpo spell. 5
Obliteration Technique Successfully mastered the Obliteration Technique. 5
On Your Own (secret) Finished Day 6 - Ayane. 10
Overlord (secret) Cleared 5 Master Ninja Trials. 50
Prestige (secret) Cleared 5 Leader Trials. 10
Shinobi (secret) Cleared the game on Normal difficulty. 30
Shrouded Moon Master Defeated 1000 enemies with the Shrouded Moon. 15
Sliding Successfully mastered the Sliding technique. 5
Steel on Bone Successfully mastered the Steel on Bone technique. 5
Steel on Steel (secret) Destroyed the Spider Tank. 10
Teamwork Won a Clan Battle. 15
The Great Escape (secret) Finished Day 4. 15
The Grip of Murder (secret) Finished Day 1. 10
The Karma of a Shinobi (secret) Finished Day 5. 15
Ultimate (secret) Cleared 3 Ultimate Ninja Trials. 100
Ultimate Ninja (secret) Cleared the game on Ultimate Ninja difficulty. 100
Ultimate Technique Successfully mastered an Ultimate Technique. 5
Veteran (secret) Cleared 10 Mentor Trials. 10
Waiting (secret) Finished Day 6. 15
Wall Run Successfully mastered the Wall Run technique. 5
You Got Skills Unlocked all Ninja Skills for Hayabusa, Ayane, Momiji, Kasumi, and Unknown Ninja. 30

Alternate costumes
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

  • Xbox 360
  • Unlock
Kasumi's 3rd costume Beat 25 Ninja Trials with Kasumi
Kasumi's 4th costume Beat 50 Ninja Trials with Kasumi
Momiji 3rd costume Beat 25 Ninja Trials with Momiji
Momiji 4th costume Beat 50 Ninja Trials with Momiji
Ryu & Ayane 3rd costume Collect all 50 scarabs
Ryu & Ayane 4th costume Collect all 10 Crystal Skulls


  • Xbox 360
  • Achievement / Trophy
A Friend in Need Arkhunting can be a lonely vocation without trusted friends 5
Abundance of Ego The evolution of your EGO is a testament to the genius of Von Bach and his mastery of Votan tech. 40
Arkhunting Valuable relics from the destroyed Votan arks frequently and dangerously rain from the sky 10
Arkhunting Party Arkfalls draw quite a crowd for as dangerous as they are; Risk vs. reward, or so they say 10
Arkhunting Safari The amount of debris still in the Ark Belt is nearly limitless; Talk about job security 15
Bit of an EGO Von Bach has unlocked the secrets of EGO technology for commercial use; You are proof 10
Brain Surgeon When Echelon needs a skilled assassin, they know who to call 15
Broom Closet Varus killed a monster 15
Calculated Killer To your enemies across the new frontier, your name is "Death" 25
Call Me Psycho Poor Peter Nardone 15
Chasing Shadows Echelon values experienced Shadow Operatives like yourself 15
EGO Maniac Both the Earth Republic and the Votanis Collective are behind the curve in regulating EGO research 30
EGOcentric Arkhunter Your EGO has evolved past VBI's most optimistic forecasts 60
EGOTistical As your EGO evolves, so does your ability to handle diverse tactical situations 20
Everyone Will Die Torc's a badass, but so's Nim, as Von Bach learned too late; It'll take everyone to bring Nim down 15
Executive Wash Room On the cutting edge, Von Bach Industries is one of the few corporations with truly global reach 15
Freight Magnate Arkfall really did a number on shipping costs 15
Good Cardio Sure, it’s fun. But swimming’s not the most effective means of travel… 35
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Wait… Motherlode is a dude? 15
High Speed Pursuit You completed 15 pursuits in the Bay Area 15
Holy Shtako! New Freedom has crashed, you've made a few new friends and one of them lives inside your head 15
Hot Pursuit You completed 5 pursuits in the Bay Area 15
Individual Pursuit You completed your first pursuit in the Bay Area 15
Key to Paradise It's thanks to people like you that the community of Paradise might actually incorporate some day 15
Legend of Defiance Your reputation is sure to spread far beyond the borders of Paradise; Defiance! 70
Monolithic Landmark Some gatekeepers are not to be trifled with 15
Not Bad at All You can't destroy energy 15
Office in Back Top Notch Toolworks is all about family tradition and custom craftsmanship 15
Overdosing Piercer needed an intervention 15
Powerful EGO EGO integrates at the genetic level, boosting the capabilities of the host beyond natural limits 15
Private Booth While the gulanite boom put it on the map, Soleptor Enterprises has its fingers in many pies 15
Pursuit of Excellence You completed 20 pursuits in the Bay Area 15
Pursuit of Happiness You completed 10 pursuits in the Bay Area 15
Save Your Ganchis That darn Varus 15
Secure Channel Despite the violence, Echelon is still a business; Because of the violence, business is good 15
Seven Days a Week Your contributions to the Bay Area have not gone unnoticed 15
Shoot to Skill While it's good to specialize, it's wise to pick up a variety of skills 50
Skruggin' Ark Core Von Bach is alive, he has an Ark Core, and Cass is not happy about it 15
Stargazer That dark, dead, spot in the sky is the Votanis System 15
Stroking Your EGO EGO hosts a Votan artifical intelligence, the implications of which are not fully understood 15
Super Excited Now... which core was that again? 15
That Hagisi Lied Rosa had revenge and is grateful for the help, but the Matrix is still missing, no thanks to Varus 15
Upper Echelon Quantity over quality, but dead is still dead 15
Vehicular Manslaughter Normally Echelon hires drivers for non-combat contracts; For you, they make exceptions 15
Wait For It… You have found an extremely rare and valuable weapon; Make good use of it 50
Wharfie Raiders shut down sea lanes faster than E-Rep can open them 15
Who… Are You? Nim is dead, again, and the secrets of Defiance will remain; If only Karl could see you now 15
Widely Regarded You are a true professional and well respected by the movers and shakers in Paradise 30
Wrong Hands Cooper and Ara are good people and you'll need them now that Dark Matter has the Matrix 15
Yeeeeeeehaaaaawww! It would be more impressive if you did it in a single jump… 30

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14

  • Xbox 360
  • Achievement / Trophy
Accuracy Player Hit a hole in one with a Control Golfer 15
Boost your Game Play an 18 hole round with Boost Pins equipped 15
Claret Jug Win the Open Championship in Career or Quick Tournaments with a created golfer 25
Eye of the Tiger Defeat Tiger Woods in Legends of the Majors 25
First Class Win the FedExCup (Career Only) 25
Frequent Flyer Earn a Five Day Loyalty Bonus 15
Going Green with a Hybrid Land on the green from over 175 yards away using a Hybrid 25
Golden Boy Defeat Bobby Jones in Legends of the Majors 10
Gone with the Wind From the Fairway, land within 1 yard of the flagstick from 150 yards out with the Wind Display OFF 15
Green Jacket Win the Green Jacket in Career or Quick Tournaments with a created golfer 25
High Heels Win On Their Heels at Kraft Nabisco with Thompson against Lewis, and Creamer in Quick Tournaments 15
Howl at the moon Find the Werewolf 15
In Good Company Play in a Connected Tournament 25
In the Spotlight Finish in 1st place of a Featured Event 10
It's 5 o'clock somewhere Play an 18 hole round of golf with LIVE Time of Day ON 15
King of the Hill Become #1 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings 50
Last Name Legend Legend all events in Legends of the Majors 20
Legendary Matchup Play a Four Player online match with all players using Legends 15
Legendary Rivalry Win the Marathon scenario in Quick Tournaments with Nicklaus & Palmer in the U.S. Open at Oakmont 10
Little Grasshopper Earn Golfer Level 5 with a created golfer 5
Living Legend Become the All-Time Win Leader in each of the four Major Leaderboards in Quick Tournaments 50
LPGA Carded Earn LPGA Tour Card in Career 15
Morning Glory (secret) Sink a birdie on Pebble 7 with Time of Day set to Morning 10
Never leave home without it Earn PGA TOUR card in Career 15
Night Life Play an 18 hole round of golf at Night 25
No Picnic Sink a 40ft putt with Green Grid Beads turned OFF 15
No Sweat! Play in a Country Club Tournament 15
Pai Mei Earn Golfer Level 50 with a created golfer 25
Past, Present, & Future Play the In the Hunt scenario with Jones, Woods, Watson and a Created Golfer at the Masters 25
PGA Champions, Repeat? Play Holding the Lead in Quick Tournaments with Woods, McIlroy, Bradley in the PGA Champ at Oak Hill 10
PGA TOUR Top FOUR Play a Quick Tournament with Snead, Woods, Nicklaus, and Hogan. (Any PGA TOUR Tournament) 15
Pin Collector Complete a Bronze or better Boost Pin set (Any course) 30
Power Player Hit a 400 yard drive with a Power Golfer 10
Record Breaker Become a Legend in Career mode by completing all the PGA TOUR Goals 75
Shot Shaper Hit the fairway with a Draw Golfer using a Draw shot (Shot Shaping set to Normal or Advanced) 10
Shouting at Amen Corner Complete Amen Corner (Augusta 11,12,13) with a birdie or better on each in a single round. 10
Spaniard Defeat Seve Ballesteros in Legends of the Majors 15
Supermex Defeat Lee Trevino in Legends of the Majors 15
That was GIRrrreat! Complete an 18 hole round with a 100 percent GIR. GIR = Green in Regulation 25
The Big Three Defeat the Modern Triumvirate (Palmer, Nicklaus, and Player) in Legends of the Majors 15
The Dragon Earn Golfer Level 25 with a created golfer 10
The Hawk & Slammin Sammy Defeat Ben Hogan and Sam Snead in Legends of the Majors 10
The Real Deal Play an 18 hole round of golf on Simulation Difficulty 25
There can be only 1 Defeat the final Legendary event in Legends of the Majors 50
Tigerchat Join your Country Clubs Chat Session 15
Tigers have FIR Complete an 18 hole round with a 100 percent FIR. FIR = Fairway in Regulation 25
Troon Open Champion Win Two in the Running in Quick Tournaments using Palmer in the Open Championship at Royal Troon 15
U.S. Open Trophy Win the U.S. Open in Career or Quick Tournaments with a created golfer 25
Wanamaker Trophy Win the PGA Championship in Career or Quick Tournaments with a created golfer 25

Army of TWO The Devil's Cartel

  • Xbox 360
  • Achievement / Trophy
1-2-3-GO! (secret) Players simultaneously killed 2 unaware targets 10
Aggro-er You took the Aggro for 100 Flank kills 40
And now what? (secret) Complete the Campaign 25
And stay down (secret) Perform 10 melee kills on wounded targets 10
Armed to the Teeth Buy All Guns 25
Army Of TWO™ Perform 250 Flank, Surprise and/or Tag Team kills 75
Art is not a crime (secret) Create your own Custom Mask 10
Backstabbing Bastard (secret) Perform 50 Backstabs 10
Barbarian Destroyed 500 objects 10
Behind enemies lines (secret) Complete Enemy Territory 10
Blood Sport Perform 100 melee kills 25
Blood, Sweat and Guns Level up to Rank 25 50
Combo Master Perform a x10 Co-op Combo 30
Cover Hopper Perform 10 cover to cover transition in a row 10
David vs. Goliath (secret) Kill 10 Brutes in Physical Confrontation 10
Deep Pockets Buy all Weapons, Tattoos, Masks and Outfits 100
Demolition Derby (secret) Destroy 50 cars 10
Double Trouble 200 targets killed in double Overkill 50
Drugs are for losers (secret) Complete Narco Hell 10
Environmentalist (secret) Kill 3 targets or more using an explosive object in any level 10
Fashion Police (secret) Perform 50 Hat Shots 10
First Blood (secret) Make your first kill as a rookie (in Cause and Effect mission) 10
Forgive our sins (secret) Complete Salvation 10
From bad to worse (secret) Complete Outside Contact 10
FUBAR (secret) Complete Rally Point 10
Headache Perform 100 Headshots 30
Just a scratch You didn’t go wounded once in a mission (medium, hard or insane) 25
Keep it up! Level up to Rank 15 30
Let ‘er Rip 100 targets killed using either an MMG or an MGL 20
Let's do this (secret) Complete New Blood 10
Look at you! Buy All Outfits 25
Look mom, I made it! Complete the game on Insane 100
Massacre in Paradise (secret) Complete Last Resort 10
Melee all day! Perform a melee kill while you're in Overkill 10
Michelangelo (secret) Apply the maximum number of layers on a customized mask 10
Money Shot (secret) Headshot a target while blind firing 10
Moocher 200 targets killed in single Overkill (Triggered by your partner) 20
My Baby Fully customize a weapon with 6 customizable parts or more 10
Now what? (secret) Complete Cause and Effect 10
Overkiller 200 targets killed in single Overkill (Triggered by you) 20
Party Pooper (secret) Kill 3 targets with 1 grenade 10
Revenge is a bitch (secret) Complete Confrontation 10
Sir, yes sir! Level up to Rank 5 20
TWO heads Complete a mission (excluding New Blood) with a human partner 10
War comes home (secret) Complete Assault 10
Whack-A-Mask 500 targets killed while in cover 20

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

  • Xbox 360
  • Achievement / Trophy
Beattime Story Defeat Hansel and Gretel 20
Brilliant! Obtain five stars in all levels 60
Dream Twist Unlock the power to warp your dreams. 10
Fiery Awakening Defeat Gurglewocky 60
Flurry of Feathers Jump or dash onto three owls without touching the ground 10
Hardcore Unlock Hardcore Mode 40
Hardercore Unlock Über Hardcore Mode 60
Hypnotist Obtain a trophy in all Score Attack levels 40
Microsleeper Obtain a trophy in all Time Attack levels 40
Ruby-Red Pirouette Collect a red gem while twirling 10
Topsy-Turvy Trampoline Use a spiky box like a trampoline 10
Unconscious Subconscious Defeat Octor Freud 40

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

  • Xbox 360
  • Achievement / Trophy
Been Everywhere Complete All Marked Destinations on the Map 50
BOOM! Who Needs a Headshot? Kill 5 Walkers with One Explosion 15
Crash Course in Brain Surgery Kill 100 Walkers while Grappling 25
Down to My Last Complete the Game with Only 1 Firearm and 1 Bullet Left in Your Inventory 15
Duct Tape Can Fix Anything Survive 5 Breakdowns 10
Every Man, Woman and Child Choose to Travel at Least Once with Every Optional Survivor 30
Extreme Conditioning Sprint Until You're Exhausted 10 Times in One Level 10
Get Out of Dodge Complete the Final Marked Destination on the Map 30
Good Samaritan Complete 25 Optional Objectives 30
Group Hug Kill 4 Walkers in a Single Grapple Sequence 5
Guys Night Out Arrive at Final Destination with Only Male Survivors 20
Have a Nice Trip! Kill a Walker That Is Falling Due to Dismemberment 20
I Can Handle This Myself Enter Sherwood Without Any Survivors 30
I Used to Be a Human Like You Shoot a Walker in the Knee with a Bolt 5
It's Gotta Be the Brain Dismember All Limbs of 5 Walkers 45
It's Not Venison, but It'll Do Consume 50 MREs 10
Mind if I Borrow This? Pull a Bolt From a Walker Then Kill Them With It 15
Moving to the 'Burbs Complete the Third Act 20
Need a Hand? Prevent a Walker from Damaging You by Severing Its Attacking Limb 5
Need More Spots Up Front Dismember 250 Limbs 35
Next Step: Bullet Belt Fire 300 Bullets 15
No Down Payments Find Every Useable Vehicle 30
No Stone Left Unturned Collect Every Stuffed Squirrel 50
Nobody Can Kill Merle but Merle Complete the Second Act 15
Not a Scratch Complete a Marked Destination on the Map without Taking Any Damage 30
Now Don't You Get Bit! Prevent 50 Walkers from Grabbing You 30
Oedipal Complex Complete the First Location 5
On the Road Again Explore an Unmarked Travel Location 5
Ooh, Shiny! Distract 50 Walkers with Items 15
Porcupine Shoot a Walker with 10 Bolts without Killing It 15
Rosie the Rampager Arrive at Final Destination with Only Female Survivors 20
Say Hello to My Little Friend Complete a Marked Map Destination Using Only Firearms 10
Sneak Attack Perform Execution Kills on 50 Walkers 35
Sorry, Brother Complete the First Act 10
Stay Together, Stay Safe (secret) 5 Survivors Were Killed While Scavenging 10
Still Not Buying a Hybrid Consume 250 Fuel 10
That Looks Like It Hurt Restore Survivors 25 Times 30
That's a Nice Swing You've Got Kill Walkers Using Every Melee Weapon 15
The Hunted Becomes the Hunter(secret) Killed 5 Walkers in the Cabot Ridge Creek Bed 10
The Missing 8 Find Every Poster 50
They Know Me at the Range Kill Walkers Using Every Ranged Weapon 15
They're People, Too! Complete a Marked Destination on the Map without Killing a Walker 30
This Is How Hot Dogs Are Made 10 Walkers Killed with Saw Blades in the Logging Camp 10
True Dixon Complete a Marked Destination on the Map Using Only the Crossbow 25
Two Heads Are Better Than One Kill Multiple Walkers with One Bullet 5
We Survive by Pulling Together Recruit 1 Optional Survivor 5
You're Doing It Wrong (secret) Perished 13 Times 10
You're Just Not My Type Complete a Marked Destination on the Map without Being Grabbed by a Walker 10
Zig-Zagging All Over the Road Explore 25 Unmarked Travel Locations 50 

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

  • Xbox 360
  • Unlock
Bigger Clips Complete the game once with Mia in your party
Crossbow/Assault Rifle Complete the game once, you'll be able to use these from the beginning of the game.
Faster Stronger Complete the game once with Sheila in your party.
Item Boost Complete the game once with Swenson in your party.
Marksman Boost Complete the game once with Harrison in your party.
Melee Boost Complete the game once with Jane in your party.
Silenced Weapons Complete the game once with Blake in your party.
Stealth Movement Complete the game once with Warren in your party.
Survivor Success Complete the game once with Noah in your party
Unlimited Ammo Unlock every relic(perk) to unlock this.

Gears of War: Judgment

  • Xbox 360
  • Achievement / Trophy
A Peek into the Future Watched Aftermath teaser 10
All Rounder Won one match in Free For All, Team Deathmatch, and Domination 10
Blood Brothers Completed all Campaign Chapters in Co-op 50
Challenge Accepted Completed your first Declassified mission 5
Death to Locust Killed with all classes of COG in Overrun or Survival 10
Death to the COG Killed with all classes of Locust in Overrun 10
Determined Completed all Campaign Chapters on at least Casual difficulty 10
Dominator Won one match on every map in Domination 10
Fearless Achieved level 50 a second time and chose to re-up for another tour 50
Friends Completed Aftermath 10
Globe Trotter Won a match on every map in all Versus modes 10
I Told You Completed Downtown Halvo Bay 10
Iron Fist Completed all Campaign Chapters on at least Hardcore difficulty 25
Jack of All Trades Won 10 matches of Overrun 10
Let's Do This Achieved level 50 and chose to re-up for another tour of duty 50
Level 10 Reached level 10 10
Level 20 Reached level 20 10
Level 30 Reached level 30 15
Level 40 Reached level 40 25
Level 5 Reached level 5 5
Level 50 Reached level 50 25
Lion Heart Completed all Campaign Chapters on Insane difficulty 50
Never Forgotten Recovered 10 COG Tags during the Campaign 10
Never Give Up Completed at least 20 Declassified missions 10
Open Arms Completed Halvo Bay Military Academy 10
Overran Won one match on every map in Overrun 10
Party People Played any section in 4 player Co-Op 10
Proud Wearer Equipped your first Medal 5
Quality Soldiering Completed all Declassified missions 50
Ready for War Earned at least one Onyx medal 20
Respect for the Fallen Recovered all 48 COG Tags during the Campaign 20
Ribbon Master Earned 3 unique Ribbons in any section 10
Rising Star Attained 50 Stars on at least Casual Difficulty 10
Roaming Free Won one match on every map in Free For All 10
Seriously Judgmental Completed all Declassified Missions on Insane difficulty 75
Shooting Star Attained 75 Stars on at least Normal Difficulty 20
Star Struck Attained 100 Stars on at least Hardcore Difficulty 50
Steel Nerves Completed all Campaign Chapters on at least Normal difficulty 10
Superstar Attained all Stars on Insane Difficulty 50
Survivor Completed wave 10 on all maps in Survival mode 10
Sybarite Earned the Onyx "War Supporter" medal 50
Take Back This City Completed Onyx Point 10
Team Leader Won 10 rounds of Team Deathmatch 10
Team On Tour Won one match on every map in Team Deathmatch 10
The Aftermath Unlocked Aftermath 20
The Real Thing Completed Seahorse Hills 10
They Called Him Karn Completed Museum Of Military Glory 10
This One's Not Over Completed Courthouse 10
Unstoppable Achieved level 50 a third time and chose to re-up for another tour 50
Veteran Remembrance Recovered 25 COG Tags during the Campaign 10

Unlock Tai and Cole as a playable character in multiplayer
Gears of War: Judgment

  • Xbox 360
  • Unlock
Augustus Cole Survive the 10th wave in survival
Tai Kaliso Get 126 stars in campaign mode