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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for Xbox 360

The infinite possibilities in “Minecraft” just got bigger

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition


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The infinite possibilities in “Minecraft” just got bigger. “Minecraft – Xbox 360 Edition” will bring the global phenomenon to console gamers for the first time. The Xbox LIVE Arcade version of the game features an innovative new crafting interface, natural controller movements, a full Tutorial mode to teach the basics and for the first time in “Minecraft,” split-screen multiplayer as well as over Xbox LIVE. A New Way to Build. The new crafting interface in “Minecraft – Xbox 360 Edition” delivers a completely new way to build “Minecraft” worlds where your imagination is the only limit. A streamlined interface opens at the press of a button, and players can choose from several categories of items to create. Minecraft – Xbox 360 Edition explains what each object is, what it does and what is required for building so players new to the world of “Minecraft” can get into the action right away. “Minecraft – Xbox 360 Edition” removes the barriers between you and your creativity!

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