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Elsword character Chung's two new character classes revealed


Posted by: David Sanchez

Kill3rCombo has announced two new class types for Chung, the newest character to appear in Elsword. While he usually wields a massive and threatening  cannon and has the ability to enter berserker rage mode, some notable changes are coming to the character.

The first new class type for Chung is the Deadly Chaser. This class allows Chung to blast his foes from a distance using dual revolvers. Additionally, he receives a speed and stealth boost, making him an agile and formidable opponent.

Chung's second new class is the Iron Paladin. You'll be able to turn Chung into a powerhouse tank character and mow through dungeons with boosted defense and new melee attacks.

If you're an Elsword player, it goes without saying that you may want to look into Chung's two new classes. Get a glimpse of his new abilities in the trailer above.

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