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Mann vs. Machine is a Team Fortress 2 co-operative horde mode


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Just when you think Team Fortress 2 has only become about hats, Valve offers a brand new game mode.  Mann vs. Machine is a new co-operative game mode that is a horde mode.  Take the TF2 characters you know and love and attempt to stop armies of robots from setting up a bomb with within your headquarters. 

Between waves of Gray Mann’s legion of automaton destroyers, you can do all the things you expect out of a horde mode; you’ll be able to upgrade your abilities, weapons, and earn loot.  The robots mimic an aspect of the classes you can play.  For example, there is a Medic robot that can heal but not Uber charge and there is a Medic robot that can Uber charge and not heal.  In addition to those types of robots there are walking bombs that take out sentry guns and giant robots that I assume some extra fire power to take down.

??? TF2

Lastly, there is a mysterious robot that only shows tank treads and is believed to run off human blood.  Soooooo… there is that.  I’m personally excited for this Team Fortress 2 update, it’s just one of those games you can always go back too; and collect hats.

Watch the video below, savages.


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