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Neverwinter’s Fury of the Feywild is now live for you whimsical types


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

I hope you like unicorns. The MMORPG Neverwinter has unicorns upon unicorns for your rainbow riding enjoyment. The elves of the Feywild are under attack by dark alliances and evil fey. This max level area is for those end game players looking for more content and excitement. What could be tougher than taking on a legendary blue dragon after all? All of this is part of Neverwinter’s first expansion module – Fury of the Feywild.

On top of the new Moon Elf race being available to selected backers of the ‘Knight of the Feywild’ starter pack, the Drow race which came out at launch for founders is now available to everyone. So if you’ve been waiting to play the dark elf race and didn’t want to drop the mad bones at launch, now is your chance.

Neverwinter Elf Statue Nude

Check out the lore trailer above and get your Neverwinter on.   

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