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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough

[Continued] Page 5

The Sea of Doors

Comstock House

Well, move ahead on the bridge and pull the lever in the end. After a few very dramatic moments (in the dream, just open the door to the right)...
You'll need to pursue Elizabeth...
Objective: Enter Comstock House
Move to the edge here and latch onto the hook far ahead -
Then you can jump down onto the bridge and move past the lever. As you go ahead you'll come into a snowy area... No idea where the snow came from!!!
Enter the house and you might be surprised what you see in there -
Go inside and in the first room you come across, you can see some ghosts which seem disoriented.... If you go ahead near the gate leading out of this place you'll spot a Howler -
These things burst with a loud noise if they spot you and the ghosts which were just standing around now start attacking you... so watch out for these things.. You can't go past them or kill them so you'll be spotted anyway...
You can see that the iron gate is closed...
Get in the lift across the gate and take it up.... You'll find a Voxophone in the life [[A LEASH]]...
Once you come up you'll go thru a set of rooms connecting each other starting with the room named "The Atrium".
Objective: Go to the Warden's Office
You can use your mission pointer (N) to get thru the different rooms -
The Atrium
Where we Lie
Where we cleanse
Where we Weep
In where we weep you can find a Voxophone in a coffin [[THE VALUE OF CHOICE]].
The you pass thru the same rooms again -
Where we cleanse
Where we Sleep
The Atrium
Then you come out again and climb the stairs and go to -
Where we Work
You will come across a room with Mannequins and you can find a [[LOCKSMITH BAG]]. In the next room you can find [[NEW GEAR]] on a table -
And a Voxophone [[DEBTS]] on another table. You'll then go thru -
Where you Learn
and then finally come to the Warden's office. You can find a Voxophone [[A LAST CHANCE]] in the beside the projector in the room ahead and [[NEW GEAR]] on a table to the right here -
Then after you climb a set of steps, you will come into the office of the Warden You can pick up the [[SMOTHERED IN THE CRIB]] Voxophone here. Pull the lever and the gate below opens up.
Objective: Rescue Elizabeth
You'll get a surprise just as you turn around after pulling the lever. Now get back to the lift (Use the pointer) and you can find the [[ENDING IT]]. Then take it down and go thru the now opened gate. Now keep going thru the next set of rooms and you will come across the Twins and then finally you will come to Elizabeth...
You'll be transported back to the current time now where the younger Elizabeth is being operated on. Go to the right side and you'll come to an automated Turret..
Objective: Turn off the Machines
You can ue your mission pointer to get the locations of the machines or you can just follow the large wires on the ground to get there -
There are two chambers on either side and you need to go to each and pull a lever to switch off the device which fighting off enemies who may include a Patriot. After you pull the two levers, go down the Elizabeth.
Objective: Release Elizabeth

Do it and go back up the stairs, you should have noticed the locked door here to the left, open it and you can find a Voxophone [[PAVLOV'S BELL]] and an [[INFUSION]] there. No back outside and thru the gate across towards the Zeppelin... You will need to take the lift up.

The Hand of the Prophet

Objective: Locate Comstock
In the first room itself, you can find a [[LOCKPICK]] next to the vending machine -
Objective: Board Comstock's Flagship
As you move out, you get into a big fight so the bull-crap ends here, from now on it's just HARDCORE fighting till the end of the game... So there won't be much to write here except to suggest you to fight...
After you clear out the area (easier said than done), go to the 3-Pick door and open it. Inside you will find a 1-Pick SAFE, a Voxophone [[AN ULTIMATUM]]. Now go back outside and get onto the flagship and pull the lever to take it up to the Mother Ship. 
Objective: Repel the Airborne Assault
Some other Gunships come across, you can jump onto the hooks they have and kill you enemies and then return back to your gunship. This is going to take a while and you'll have to encounter a lot of gunships so brace yourself. Don't be too shy - just board the enemy's ship and kill them and get back - your ship will always be close. You can also find First Aid kits on your ship.
Objective: Board Comstock's Flagship
After you come up to the ship, get on it and make you way up...
Objective: Find a way to the top Deck

Go ahead and you should encounter you first enemies soon...

Hangar Deck, Engineering Deck, Command Deck

Hangar Deck
Objective: Clear the Hangar Bay Sky-Line
The control panel is on the other side on this deck, you will come across many enemies so just kill all of them and go there. Also, you can pretty much find First Aid Kits on any place you are fighting so always keep a lookout for them if you need some. Here what the Control Panel looks like -
Hit the switch here and the Patriot Pods on the Skyline drop. After all of them drop down, take the skyline and jump onto the upper deck. 
Objective: Clear the Main Deck Sky-Line
Find the Control Panel and hit the button and some enemies start boarding this deck, to clear the sky-line it'll take some time so you need to either hide or fight till the sky-line is cleared. You can just avoid all he enemies too if you want to and then take this one up to the top deck.
Once you are on the third-deck, go to the door and open it to get inside...
Engineering Deck
You will come into a large area which you need to get across and ride the skyline on the other side to the top most deck of the ship. So this deck has a ton of enemies on it, just make your way to the other side while killing all of them and get up top. When you are on the top most deck, you will find another door - open it and go inside.
Objective: Confront Comstock
Comstock is in the room ahead, go talk to him.. we'll you actually do more than just talk. Anyway, after that, go up to the command deck and turn the wheel here.. Suddenly the Vox start coming in.. Perfect Timing... Elizabeth thinks of a plan and tries to call a friend...
Command Deck
Objective: Direct Songbird to Protect the Zeppelin
Now then, I like most of you thought we'd be fighting the bird in the end but as it turns out - we'll be fighting with the bird. I'll give you an insight of what this part is all about - note that this is the toughest fight in the game if you don't do the things you should at the right time.
First the Bird -
You will have several Vox ships come near the deck and dump Vox enemies all over the place. If you look at them they will be highlighted in red color and then you can hold F to make Song Bird attack the ship. Later on, you can also attack Zeppelins which come here. So basically, thru the fight you ought to use Song Bird on the ships which are coming around you and it's up to your discretion as to which ones you destroy first when there are several around - one advice - destroy the dangerous or larger ships first.
Apart from the ships, several Vox along with a couple of Patriots each time get dropped on the Command Deck. They along with some ships are aiming at the power core of the ship. You can see the health of the power core at the top right of your screen. Just below it is the cooldown timer for Song Bird. After each attack with the bird, the cooldown starts and you cannot do another attack until the needle makes a full round (quite obvious!).
So apart from directing the bird, you need to get on deck or use the Sky-Line here and attack all enemies coming onto the deck before the health of your ship drops to nothing. All enemies usually concentrate on the ship an not you so you have an advantage that you can go behind the Patriot's back and hit them on their back and they'll take greater damage. You can find First-Aid kits in tears in a couple of places around the ship, one is on the main deck and the other is in the control room.
Objective: Join Elizabeth at the Bow
After a long fight and many destroyed Zeppelins go ahead to the front end of the ship (the Bow! as they call it...
Objective: Order Song Bird to destroy the Siphon

Just do it and see what happens next...

The Sea of Doors

This is basically the ending of the game and no matter what you do you will still get the same ending so look around and spend your time understanding the real story of the game as it unravels in this wonderful level...

The End...

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