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Very interesting piece. I never bothered to look at how The Last of US impacts Naughty Dog's other works. Looking at the other commentors though, they do bring up a good point of each game being a different genre, but Naughty Dog are pretty serious in their development to feel they need to mature as developers, as opposed to simply go for the 'back to Uncharted gameplay'. I dont see The Last of Us' take on the moral dilemma seeping into Uncharted though, since it would constitute too big a shift in the game's 'essence' I'd at least hope they work off improving the AI in Uncharted. After coming from a brilliant AI system in The Last of Us, bullet-magnets are no longer an option. They need a smarter system that works within the gun-focused gameplay of Uncharted. Putting Last of Us' cat-and-mouse system won't work. They might as well call it a different game. That is also an option feel. Uncharted was a new PS3 IP. Maybe they create a new IP that is a spiritual successor of The Last of Us. I'm just praying to god there's no sequel for this game.
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