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Default-user Celestial_Seagull
Acadamia said:
This game is just so fucking good! Havent been able to do much else but play it!!
Ive been off an on when it comes to this game. Its fun to pick up then go do something else ya know?
Default-user Celestial_Seagull
Honestly, this a really stupid thing for them to do. I'd rather a devspeak on the game than a thing on the devs themselves.
Default-user Celestial_Seagull
OuiYesSi said:
No Flappy Bird? No download.
You're joking right?
Default-user Celestial_Seagull
Man, I'm really lucky I haven't seen this error. It looks like it's terrible
Default-user Celestial_Seagull
widdly scuds said:
Uh god. As though Game of Thrones isn't already an emotional game they are making it into a real game (a game that will likely be great).
In the game^^
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