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Fully agree. I was skeptical about it but they won me over after a beta weekend. The classes are really well thought out, even if they don't fit with a veteran D&D gamer's expectations (i.e., Clerics in Neverwinter are ranged caster healer/dps, not armored mace-wielding zealots). One major concern undoubtedly is "pay-to-win". You are NEVER penalized for not spending money although you are certainly tempted to do so. Most everything is "grindable" if you want to devote the time to it. The only things that you have to pay for are cosmetic mounts and companions (i.e. Founder's Pack) Combat is clever, involved and tactical. It's as fun solo as it is in a group. Want to quest solo for 30 mins? Absolutely, some can even be completed under 10 mins. Group quests are a delight, they are a throwback to the good old-fashioned small group dungeon crawls where rogues disarm traps, clerics heal and every plays a meaningful role. Yet, they've managed to be flexible enough to allow completion of group quests without the "holy trinity". I was in a pure 5 man DPS group and finished the Lair of the Wolf King quest with neither a healer nor a tank. It was tough and we all burned through potions but we did it. Like any good RPG, gear is meaningful and plentiful. I'm constantly picking new loot and deciding if I should sell or replace. Finally, I am so glad they've avoided ability bloat. Two mouse buttons and Q,E,R,1,2, TAB keys allow you to access all your abilities. It's surprisingly deep and customizable. I am very pleasantly surprised by Cryptic's effort. Bravo.
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