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created Twitch available on Google's Chromecast
Avatar Lance Liebl
created Everyone needs to buy the Ghostbusters Blu-ray Limited Edition Gift Set. EVERYONE.
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created New gameplay mode for Skylanders Trap Team announced
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created I’m a grown man who likes Disney Infinity, and that’s okay
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nopnop said:
Pretty idiotic that people are complaining about user reviews. Yes, how awful, those terrible awful gamers! They're so hideous and mean! They gave...
I'm not complaining about gamers. I'm complaining about reviews that are rushed, pointless, and full of undue hate for terrible reasons. But thanks for reading and voicing your concern with my article.
Avatar Lance Liebl
Junger said:
"Destiny was about as smooth as one could hope for"? No one at any college can play that game? How is that anything comparable to 'smooth'?
Do you live in dorms?
Avatar Lance Liebl
created At this point in time, EA Sports has done more to punish Ray Rice than authorities have
Avatar Lance Liebl
TJ Vrohidis said:
You clearly haven't thought about this game during your game play. Metacritic's rating is completely accurate for this game. Destiny has no...
Honestly, when I want to get an opinion on a game before I by it, NeoGAF all the way.
Avatar Lance Liebl
bob smith said:
The power of metacritic is it allows me to sample hundreds of opinions. If a lot of people are complaining about a certain feature, then chances...
If someone's job title is "professional game reviewer," that's sad. Just because your published doesn't mean that your opinion and critiques of a game are more true than others. It just gets more eyes on it. If you want to talk about how horrible games media is, I'll agree with most of your opinions on it, most likely. But we're talking about early media reviews, and then zeroes and tens on metacritic. There's no inbetween there.
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