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I can't wait to see all the weird in-game videos. Like the Day Z ones. LizardsRBelongtoUs
Organic Ratchet said:
Sooo dark until the zombie appears. I guess it was to cause fear haha
Well it is a trailer for a horror game lol LizardsRBelongtoUs
Inkky said:
Looks like a fun hacknslash
Maybe a mediocre hack and slash... LizardsRBelongtoUs
That room looks really familiar. I'm actually excited for this. I can't remember if I was excited for colonial marines....If I was then I'm kind of scared. LizardsRBelongtoUs
MrWhiskers said:
Nice! If they discount the DLC with it that would be PHENOMENAL!
They probably won't :( LizardsRBelongtoUs
Internet Explorer & Bing. My god, where's the Chrome App? LizardsRBelongtoUs
Sure then something else will break and no GT$ for us :( LizardsRBelongtoUs
This cel-shading is just too much. BL did it just fine, why does this look so bad?
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