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Agree something, it looks like a glamour shot for gamers, OMG! That's a great idea, glamour shots for gamers, you get a cheesy photo taken with inset of your fav game! I love it.
Default-user MadDuchess
Everybody knows od the awful experiences developers have had with Xbox, we have all heard of the patch fees and strings attached. When a developer says that it was the worst experience of their lives and that they never want to experience that again,I tend to believe them( especially since its been more than one). So again Xbox just looks at what other consoles are doing and copies them, way to go with that innovative thinking.
Default-user MadDuchess
I am sorry focusing on casual gamers and tv is not "next generation" to me. I am a hardcore gamer that has every consul that's ever been made (including Virtual Boy) and I am deeply disappointed in the direction Xbox is taking. I am tired of the never ending Call of Duty, Singstar, Dance games that have permeated the game market. I am tired of feeling that I no longer matter in the eyes of Xbox because they believe next gen is telling your Xbox to change tv channels or making more games for the kinect so that people who play video games 2 times a month have something to buy. I don't know what your taking about exclusives, Titanfall is also going to be on PC. And Forza 5 and Deadrising 3? These are not new exciting games, they are sequels. There's a few games that Xbox said are exclusive but really only have exclusive content on Xbox and will also be available on PS4. Frankly know that Xbox has changed all the E3 Specs, PS4 and it now are basically the same "under the hood". Its easy to look at the winning horse and model your horse after it.
Default-user MadDuchess
If every writer, actor, inventor, developer read every shitty comment about them on reddit (where every hater goes to hate) and took them to heart they would probably be wanting to bitch slap people. But you can't be that sensitive about crappy opinions people have. They are just opinions, just like his opinion that Japanese Games Suck. I Love Fez, and I hate to see Fez 2 cancled. But, I saw Indie Game: the movie and listened to Phil talk about his horrible life and and how hard it had been. I can tell he is sensitive, maybe too sensetive to be in this industry. Adios, don't let the pixel door hit you in the ass.
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