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Default-user Salty
Conception is such a weird game series.
Default-user Salty
Kelpie said:
Yeah how much will it cost though?
Too much for them to announce lol
Default-user Salty
They are trying as hard as they can to make FF the big thing again.
Default-user Salty
Nix said:
World of Tanks is one of those snake in the grass addicting games. You don't know you're addicted until you haven't moved in 6 hours!
Kind of like Salty Bets. You never really know how deep you are until you haven't seen daylight in a while.
Default-user Salty
Balmunition said:
5.00 for a character is sooo much, it should be like .99.
This game would have been great had they created an in-game monetary system. Something similar to the way Riot works with IP.
Default-user Salty
That's actually really stupid. All people want to do is to be able to play with friends.
Default-user Salty
M won't change anything. I've seen parents buying GTA & COD for 8 year olds.
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