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Default-user ShoeShine
Mushrooms are never a bad idea.
Default-user ShoeShine
Is it couch co op like little big??
Default-user ShoeShine
BathingWonton said:
Now I really hope my PC can handle this at ultra.
IDK I don't think most people will be able to run at ultra. Unless they JUST built a PC.
Default-user ShoeShine
Metro, next gen is awesome!
Default-user ShoeShine
Chromedome said:
If it was 5 for an indefinite rental...I'd get in on it.
I think you're out numbered Purp.
Default-user ShoeShine
Well this sounds kinda weird
Default-user ShoeShine
Wi Tu Lo said:
Innovation in gaming could've gone to someone else i think. I don't know if it was that innovative.
Maybe to an indie game or something. AAA games are never that innovating.
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