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I personally think this guy is brilliant. He's not afraid to have a real human opinion, regardless of whether it's brash or not. He speaks his TRUE opinion. The stuff we all think deep down but are too afraid to say it because of the backlash. The internet has never been a place to hold back, himself and his "haters" have proved that. Why should he have to conform and hide behind some facade because he is a successful figure in the industry. Like the article said, he is a person, he's just another dude, a dude who happened to create a very successful game. He has emotions just like everyone else. Creative people are usually the most passionate and fiery. He's a prime example of that, I think he's fascinating. He's said some shitty things, but I think they're taken way too seriously and out of context. He's just being a troll like the rest of the internet. He doesn't hate his fans (at least those that actually support him instead of biting his head off for every mistake he makes), he just likes to fuck with people because it's the internet. He didn't deserve this. I pray to god he still does great things.
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