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Default-user Tom Murphy
Ah well as much as I was hoping not to see this happen for several months, it doesn't sound surprising. as far as i saw dawnguard was quite the disappointment from fans so not quite sure what being the biggest has to do seeing how it wasn't that great. Dragonborn was reportedly much better and hearthfire was just to create your own house and what not so I wouldn't call that a real expansion to the game for quests. Sad to see the end of skyrim. :(
Default-user Tom Murphy
if BF3 is anything to go by people shouldn't preorder BF4. When BF3 released it's premium service you got all the dlc for 50 dollars including Back to Karkand which people were upset about that they had to pay for the dlc twice. I think it's better to wait and see what happens.
Default-user Tom Murphy
LizardsRBelongtoUs said:
Remasterd FF and a remastered Kingdom someone just trying to get around making new games? Writers block...?
The thing about remastering these games are the game is already finished therefor they can have a separate team that isn't working on FFv13 or that new FF13 lightning game. If you forgot when God of War Collection came about(first in the collection HD series) they had Blue Point Games handle the upscalling and what not while the main team worked on god of war 3. Same thing is likely happening with kingdom hearts 1.5 remix, the main teams aren't really working on it and even if they were dealing with those games will take less than 5 months to get finished.
Default-user Tom Murphy
gooseHONK said:
All the remastered graphics in the world won't make up for how much that underwater polo-type minigame sucked, or what a wet rag of a protagonist...
The blitzball was one of the greatest mini-games on FF for alot of fans. Screw that card BS FF8 and 9 had as i thought they sucked, at least this game was pretty engaging. As for tidus he wasn't the greatest protagonist however there's character development in the story involving his father, Auron and the main enemy. I mean nothing will compare to the crap Vaan was in FF12, quite possibly one of the worst characters in that game besides Penelo; Hope in FF13 comes close.
Default-user Tom Murphy
idk why this is a big deal, it's not like it's affect your gameplay. It's completely optional that enhances the game. Entirely your choice to pay for any of this MMO's truly benefits from micro-transactions and it's the future for them. Free gameplay experience but having optional stuff to purchase + 3x more players = win
Default-user Tom Murphy
sgtGrumbles said:
Ok, honest question: is it too late to get into Minecraft? I feel like it might be getting there...
It's not too late but seeming how I had it for nearly 2 years on PC i can tell you the PC version is the better options. Mostly due to the mods that adds depth and new atmosphere into the game.
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