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Lol how many people are going to just sit there when playing this game going 'omg his thumbs'? Like who would notice that??
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He knows games, he deserves it - you're right.
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Polizi said:
This game. So hard. So dumb.
I'm glad that I didn't buy it and instead borrowed it. With a game like this I always think trying it out before buying it is best.
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Rough for those guys hope they get rehired.
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Such a puny screenshot! I hope this game is good, I have high hopes.
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It looks like it's going to be a clusterfuck of fun and death. Can't wait.
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Amazon console...Amazon god, the future is coming.
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Gadeemaaa said:
My god if she dies in the end this series will have me flipping tables.
IDK I think it would be a good ending.
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World Stop said:
Their headsets are so uncomfortable though!
Actually it depends on the model you order, some are quite comfortable.
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